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Known as AI6, it is a structured study group organised in 50+ cities across the globe, including Bangalore, Lagos, Toronto, Singapore and Sunnyvale. It is community-driven and free-to-attend*.

AI Saturdays (AI6) is catalysed by Nurture.AI. The first cycle of AI6 began in January 2018 and ended in May 2018. Over 5,000 participants from 50 cities worldwide were part of the AI6 movement. Motivated by the overwhelming demand and positive feedback from the AI6 community, we decided to organise a second cycle for AI6 so we can continue delivering value to those who want to learn AI.

We will be kickstarting the second cycle of AI6 in August 2018 and are currently accepting ambassador applications.

*any joining fees are strictly limited to covering basic operational costs.

What the community says

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See what the community has accomplished

How AI6 works

We provide you a community-centered learning framework, which can be adapted to your local chapter.

Study AI in a group

Weekly study sessions are conducted in each participating city and are facilitated by local ambassadors.

Learn by coding AI projects

We believe in learning by doing - our lesson plans come with hands-on coding assignments.

Motivation from community

AI6 participants are encouraged to participate and contribute to discussions on the AI6 forums.

Lesson plan

This is what an AI6 meetup might look like every week. As every local chapter is bound to be unique, ambassadors have the autonomy to decide on what works best. The AI6 community has compiled a list of useful lesson materials here .

10am - 12pm
Choose at least one of the following MOOCs:

Fast.AI / Coursera Machine Learning / Deep Learning Specialization / Standford Computer Vision (CS231n) / Stanford Natural Langague Processing (CS224n) / UCL Reinforcement Learning / Berkeley CS294 / MOOC of your choice.

12pm - 1pm
Lunch break
1pm - 3pm
Work on assignments / Code AI Project

Be a part of the AI6 community

Over 5,000 AI learners from 50 countries worldwide have joined us. Don't miss out on being a part of this global movement!

As an ambassador

Who are the ambassadors?

Ambassadors are not expected to be AI experts. Most importantly, they are willing to dedicate time and effort to lead a local AI community in their city. Ambassadors also have the autonomy to decide on their chapter's organisational structure and lesson materials.

What is in it for you?

  • Build your public profile as an ambassador of a worldwide movement.
  • Level up your AI knowledge by leading a local AI community and connecting with like minded learners.
  • Receive guidance from the AI6 core team and community - you are never alone.

For more information about being an ambassador, read the AI6 guide .

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As a participant

You can join AI6 as a participant when there is an ambassador in your city. Sign up here to receive global announcements and exclusive access to learning materials.

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